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We are your full service digital solution provider

With our unique mix of commercial expertise, marketing savvy and technical know-how we will help you talk to your audience more effectively.

We will work with you to understand your communication challenge and then to find the best solution to deliver the results you’re seeking.

Contact the team at Excel. We promise to delight you.

  • Experts in developing effective communication solutions
  • Solutions scaled to suit every sized business
  • Decades of experience
  • Committed to investing in new technologies to benefit our clients
  • Streamlined processes that deliver cost-efficiencies
  • Strategy, creative, and delivery expertise under one roof
  • Experts in developing effective communication solutions
  • Solutions scaled to suit every sized business
  • Decades of experience
  • Committed to investing in new technologies to benefit our clients
  • Streamlined processes that deliver cost-efficiencies
  • Strategy, creative, and delivery expertise under one roof

Find out how we work by following our unique Digital Solution Pathway.

We are always ahead of the pack in embracing new technology, all the while demanding premium quality in every print piece we produce. Our colour-matching technology is second-to-none, meaning you get a brand-perfect print product from us every time.

We also take pride in developing print solutions that are fit-for-purpose. We don’t believe in settling for second-best, and neither should you.

Our print-on-demand capability will deliver efficiencies for your business. There’s no point paying for storage for bulk print runs that will be outdated before you can use every copy, when we can deliver small runs of collateral whenever you need them at no extra cost.

And we are also experts at taking one concept and delivering it across multiple channels, using innovative print products and solutions to get the best from a single creative concept.

We are transforming the print experience with bespoke solutions that build better brands.

Find out how we work by following our unique Digital Solution Pathway.

Excel Labels, our newest service, builds on our capability and expertise in fit-for-purpose, cost-effective print solutions.

Using our state-of-the-art digital technology we’re able to provide top-quality label solutions. We will print labels at the numbers you need exactly when required. What’s more, our smart production method allows us to maintain competitive unit pricing, usually possible only with high-volume bulk orders.

Ordering the required style and quantity of labels couldn’t be easier with Excel. With our online ordering system, you can manage the editing, ordering and reordering of your labels from us.

Regardless of your industry, packaging type, or size, we’re confident we can develop a quality solution for you.

Excel Labels use the latest in digital printing technology to provide quality labels at the quantity you require.

Find out how we work by following our unique Digital Solution Pathway.

Digital Solution Pathways

Our unique Digital Solution Pathway offers clients a robust, tested and transparent process for assessing their needs and finding an integrated solution that is cost effective, future-proof, and delivers results.

There are four key steps on the Pathway—

  • Consultation

    We get to know your business, the environment you work in and your challenges.

  • Solution

    We apply our marketing and communication expertise to your challenge and devise a solution that will drive the results you’re seeking.

  • Delivery

    We use our best-in-class technology and commitment to enhancing your brand to bring your tailored solution to life.

  • Analysis

    We critically review the campaign results and find future opportunities to support your business to improve its communication.

What is a Digital Solution Pathway?

Our Digital Solution Pathway is a process for getting the best results for our clients.

Digital because everything we do has technology at its heart. In the 21st century being able to harness digital technology to deliver better, faster and more cost-efficient results is what sets successful businesses apart, and we’re proud to have developed a number of unique digital services that we can share with our clients to drive their success.

Solution because we get our kicks from solving problems. Our business exists to make your life easier, and no matter how big a challenge you’re facing, we’ll help you take it on. Our decades of experience give us confidence that we can find a solution to the toughest problems, and it’s this approach that makes us your ‘can do’ business partner!

Pathway because we’re always on a journey with our clients that starts with strategic thinking, relies on good planning and excellent delivery, culminates in critical reflection… and then starts all over again. Just like Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over, and then expecting different results.” We’re constantly reviewing, planning and executing fresh ideas to help our clients communicate better.


It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, we are inspired to help you make meaningful, long-term changes to the way you connect with your audience.

By spending time getting to understand your business thoroughly on the first step of our Digital Solution Pathway we’re able to distill your communication need to its core, which in turn helps us plan an impactful solution.

So this first step is critical. It’s the difference between playing darts blindfolded, and being able to see the target!

We’ll ask a series of tough questions, as we work to understand the heart and soul of your business, and the challenges you face.

  • What does your audience want to hear from you?
  • How do you connect with them now?
  • What’s holding you back from engaging with them more effectively?

In this step you also get to build trust in us, so when we present our solution to you, you can have the confidence that it’s truly responsive to your business need.


We take on clients’ challenges like they’re our own – we’re genuinely committed to finding a solution that will take your business to new places.

With strategy and delivery capability under one roof, in Step 2 we can apply our combined years of communication and marketing expertise to plan a strategic, integrated, effective and efficient response to your challenge.

We’ll look across a number of practice areas to devise a tailored solution for your business. Our expertise falls into four areas:

  • Excel Projects -  using our planning and risk management capability to deliver complex client projects, ensuring the end-product is delivered to brand, on time and on budget.
  • Excel Direct – building targeted consumer marketing campaigns that are engaging and effective.
  • Excel Print Smart – transforming the print experience with tailored solutions that build better brands, including fit-for-purpose print planning, multi-channel placement, and print-on-demand services.
  • Excel Labels – using the best inkjet printing technology, our fast-turnaround label service delivers quality product at the quantity you require.

We don’t believe in compromise. No matter how high the mountain you’re trying to scale, we will work tirelessly to help you get there.


Excel Projects, Excel Direct, Excel Print Smart, and Excel Labels are all connected by a shared mantra: to deliver a quality product, limit wastage, and make sure you meet your deadlines.

But above all else we believe that your brand is your greatest asset. In Step 3 of our Digital Solution Pathway we will work with you to protect and enhance it.

By putting everything we deliver for your business through a robust QA process, including our unparalleled Colour Management System, we ensure your brand always looks the best it can.

We also make sure we don’t waste your time or money. Most of our clients are moving to print-on-demand for exactly this reason. And because we’re planning experts we can offer this service while still guaranteeing deadlines.

In short, we deliver a top quality brand solution, on time, every time.


The last step on our Digital Solution Pathway is to assess what we’ve achieved together, and agree ‘where to next?’

We will critically review how accurately we identified your issue (Step 1), how successful our recommended solution was (Step 2), and how well we delivered the agreed strategy (Step 3); and we’ll also formally measure Return on Investment for Excel Direct projects.

And then we’ll present our analysis to you, expecting you to tell us what you thought was genius and what didn’t work so well. Feedback is essential and we love honest clients!

We’re also great believers in continuous improvement, so once we know what works for your business and what doesn’t, we’ll go back to the start of our Digital Solution Pathway and look at what else can be done better, faster, cheaper, and above all else, more effectively to help your business thrive.

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